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Defining Niche Keywords & Keyword Difficulty - Development of a New Essential and Unique SEO Tool

Niche Keywords
It is common knowledge amongst search engine optimizers that finding "niche keywords" is fundamental in our quest to attract visitors to a website. There are many keyword suggestion tools that claim to find niche keywords but in practice they generate lists of keywords without any practical means or guidance for separating out the niche keywords for us. In this article "keywords" includes keyword phrases.
How do we define a niche keyword?
Surprisingly, there does not appear to have been even one serious attempt at a definition of a "niche keyword".
The following definition is recommended: A niche keyword is defined as having an above threshold search volume for the targeted locality of a website with potential for top ten positioning on the search engine results page (SERP) for that locality (country).
Although websites remain reachable from any location, the vast majority of websites are targeted at visitors within a country, state/county/province, or city/town. Only a minority of websites aim to provide information universally or seek sales internationally. Locality orientated searches form the fastest growing sector on the internet - currently estimated at 12%. A search that includes a locality has a better chance of converting on e-commerce and e-marketing websites.
When we seek niche keywords for locality based websites, we need data on the number of searches conducted for that locality and an assessment of the competition for the country specific search engines. The most popular search engine is Google. Examples of Google country specific search engines are, (Canada), (France) and (Japan). In addition to having the largest search database, and being free of charge, the Google keyword research tool has the advantage of providing both global and country specific monthly search volumes.
Threshold Search Volume
The threshold search volume that is acceptable for a website is dependent on its purpose.
A globa

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